Primary´s Science Fair 2018

Primary´s Science Fair 2018

An Experience that Keeps Kids Dreaming

By Mr.iOus

This year the International Berckley School Science Department has done it again. The stage was set for a journey of pure Earth, Physical and Chemical Experiences. The students organized their stands with Weather Models of 1st Grade, the Space Adventures of 2nd , the Landform Changes of 3rd , Lemon Batteries from 4th , and of course an array of Mixtures and Solutions exposed by 5th.

Primary`s awarded projects were selected for their creativity and use of resources. Their research and exposition performance was also a determining high scoring factor. None the less the Science Department took into consideration the motivation of the groups to present ideas and solutions of how they see the world and how we can make a difference now and tomorrow.

Thanks to the effort and dedication reflected in all their expositions, it was not an easy task to select a best one, in my opinion… THEY WERE ALL AMAZING!!!

Can`t wait to see what they´ll come up with next year.

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