Nursery A-adaptation process

Nursery A-adaptation process

The valuable tower. 

The adaptation process was carried out in the first 2 weeks of school. This was a time for us as teachers to welcome back the children to school and to create new memories in this new space with all the people around them. The main purpose of this first weeks was to make children feel comfortable, able to speak, to express their feelings, their intentions, their attitudes towards the class, their partners and the teachers. One of the most significative experience was the one we called “the tower” because it was a game where each one of the students participated in the construction of something big, meanwhile they respected and appreciated the help of their peers, understanding the importance that this entails. In the other hand thanks to this game, they could practice and reinforce not only topics as the sequence of numbers, colors and shapes, but also the following of instructions and being patient. 

The value of a Expression 

During the adaptation process, children go through a series of mixed emotions that for them it is difficult to identify them and therefore express them correctly. for us it is very important to learn to identify those emotions, to handle them correctly not only in the school but also on their daily routines and in this way, they would always feel good, happy and comfortable expressing themselves. the experience carried out for the emotions was very enriching because the children identified, remembered and put into practice that assertive handling of some emotions such as angry, joy, sadness, scared, etc. They also learned how to read the emotions that their friends were feeling through different activities and games such as roll play, drawing, look and make a new face. 

Beginning sound Ff 

After the adaptation process, a new beginning sound was introduced to the class, the beginning sound “Ff”.
A lot of activities were developed to practice this new sound and also, we began to learn how it should be written. The students started to recognize it through songs and games as well, making it a fun and interesting way to learn this new topic. We cannot wait to learn more of the beginning sounds in our language arts class! 



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