Having fun with short vowels /a/ /i/ Prep A-B-C

Having fun with short vowels /a/ /i/ Prep A-B-C

These Experiential Learning Activities of short vowels a and i help kids start their Reading and Spelling process in an active way. Prep students started their LA program recognizing the short vowel a and i in simple CVC words. Kids had the opportunity to build word families with letter cards.

Introducing vocabulary words is always meaningful for kids if they feel, see and touch real objects or listen to songs. This time they had the opportunity to play with colorful wigs and watch videos of songs in Pinkfong.

Making a puppet or craft have significant cognitive benefits for children because they develop different skills and abilities. Students made puppets of a cat and a pig using paper, colors, craft sticks, foamy and yarn.

All these experiential learning activities helped learnes apply what they’ve been taught and improve teamwork and communication skills.





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