Erupting Volcanoes with Science!

Erupting Volcanoes with Science!

Who says Science is boring? That’s a lie! Science could be a lot of fun, even working in an artistic way.
This activity was made to reinforce concepts about a cause of a change on our Earth’s surface: A volcano. Kids love all things with fire, power and noise, and of course, they love everything about Volcanoes.

After watching a video about volcanoes and the process of eruption, kids put their hands on to make one. They use cardboard, cups, clay and pieces of color paper. They did a fantastic job in creating wonderful volcanoes and labeled their parts (vent, crust, magma and lava). At the end of the activity they were very proud and happy about their jobs.

Science is a subject where students need to learn concepts and methods, and what’s the best way to do it? By getting their hands dirty!

Hands-on activities, projects, and laboratory experiences are the best strategies to make kids fall in love with Science!

Mrs. Rosana Echavez.


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