Another amazing day at the International Berckley School!

Another amazing day at the International Berckley School!


The previous October 26th we had the most special and pleasant experience celebrating Halloween. 

Halloween is one of the most popular and expected celebrations by all children, although it is a festivity that belongs to the United States it has expanded through the whole world, and in the Berckley Preschool, in its mission to educate all it’s students as citizens of the world, we celebrated this festivity as a chance to also reinforce the importance of imagination, creativity, and enjoyment by becoming whoever or whatever they wanted to be. During this day our children had the opportunity to live once again this wonderful Halloween experience inside our facilities, this adventure was lived from beginning to end! 

At the beginning of the school day the children arrived dressing wonderful costumes and were received by their Super teachers with the company of Daisy (the beautiful Duck).  Suddenly all this great adventure started. When they got inside, they could observe our institution decorated in a very funny way and inside their classrooms they were surprised even more with all the games, activities, candy bags that each one of their super teachers had for them.

During this day our children danced, laughed, played, made different crafts with their friends, received many sweet candies and lived the “trick or Treat” tradition by knocking at all of the different classroom looking for surprises. They also had the chance to model their costumes on a “fashion Halloween show” and watched a great performance prepared by their super teachers in which the importance of each of the values was highlighted. Likewise, the children of Nursery and K Grade made a small presentation to their friends of toddlers, infants, maternal and enjoyed a beautiful and incredible show delivered by a great magician. During the performance of the magician, the students participated in the show, they were amazed with each one of their acts and were their helpers during some tricks.

Once Again, we can say that our kids lived another amazing day at the International Berckley School!

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